Ply Wood

Thickness:12mm Basic SQ.MT:865 Basic SFT:80.36 ..

Rs 2,571.52

Thickness:16mm Basic SQ.MT:1099 Basic SFT:102.10 ..

Rs 3,267.20

Thickness:19mm Basic SQ.MT:1229 Basic SFT:114.18 ..

Rs 3,653.76

Thickness:25mm Basic SQ.MT:1897 Basic SFT:176.24 ..

Rs 5,639.68

Thickness:4mm Basic SQ.MT:486 Basic SFT:45.15 ..

Rs 1,444.80

Thickness:6mm Basic SQ.MT:562 Basic SFT:52.21 ..

Rs 1,670.72

Thickness:9mm Basic SQ.MT:673 Basic SFT:62.52 ..

Rs 2,000.64

Bison Designer Board is a top quality product with the same physical properties and virtues of Bison..

Rs 100.00

Pre-laminated Bison Panels are manufactured under the Brand name BISON Lam. Bison Lam contributes to..

Rs 100.00

Standard plain board available in a range of thicknesses from 6 mm to 40 mm, & smooth front &..

Rs 100.00

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